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I have a large business app, using about 1.000.000 to 10.000.000 business objects. How much memory would I need? And how long would serializing this whole graph take? How long would a recovery take, given that >1000 clients commit 60 database operations per minute each, 10 hours a day?

The ScalabilityTest requires 500MB RAM to run with 1.000.000 RecordObjects stored in a HashMap. Recovery is in the order of 4000 commands per second on a 1GHz desktop PC. It would take 9 seconds, therefore, to re-apply your commandLog for a day. It takes 12 seconds to serialize 100.000 RecordObjects stored in a HashMap and 21 seconds to read them back. -- KlausWuestefeld and CarlosVillela

So in other words, his 10M business objects would take 20 minutes to serialize and 40 minutes to load?  That's not a happy answer.

You gotta be kidding if you're planning to put 10M prevalent objects on a 1GHz desktop PC w/ an IDE drive. C'mon, you don't run Windows XP on a Pentium 100, and that's perfectly OK, then why stretch Prevayler like that?

-- CarlosVillela