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Prevayler's robustness comes from its anticlimactic simplicity. It is orders of magnitude simpler than the simplest RDBMS.

Its open-source license ensures the whole of the software developing community the ability to scrutinize, optimize and extend Prevayler. 

How robust is your own code?

Remember: you are no longer limited to writing feeble client code. You now have the means to actually write server code. It is the way object orientation was intended all along; but it is certainly not for wimps.

What if the snapshot or commandLog files get corrupted?
Prevayler relies on the file system exactly as database systems do: if the files are tampered with or corrupted, you will probably lose data. It is important that you keep backups of your data.

Does Prevayler support backups?
Prevayler's snapshot files are used for full backups and the commandLog files are perfect for incremental backups.


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