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I am a Java Developer in Minneapolis, Minnesota (USA). My current personal project (using Prevayler) is a web application code generator.  From an XML based object model it generates data classes and Prevayler commands.  It will eventually generate basic Velocity templates and action classes to create, update, and delete the generated Prevayler data objects.

Past projects I can take credit for: - An open-source object database written in Smalltalk. - An open-source Java-to-relational mapping tool that I wrote while at a now-defunct consulting company.

Other in-memory tools I'm working on now:
-An improved java object inspector/navigator based on this open-source one written by Axel Uhl: When I get it done I'll post a link here.
-An indexed collection framework that will allow you to easily and efficiently index a large collection of objects any number of ways.  I am currently rewriting it and will post the link here when I am closer to being done with it.