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Markus Menner is a 40 year old software architect (since over 20 years), developing primarily in Java.

Currently he works on a framework for the development of full featured rich client applications, whose GUI's (Swing at the moment) are dynamically generated by conventional web app techniques like JSP's, servlets, PHP or whatever.

The framework uses XML documents with special tags to describe the GUI, which are interpreted (on the client side) by a special display engine, which then produces the GUI.

The framework takes care of and integrates every aspect of developing applications: the design of GUI's, the access to data stores, binding data to the GUI elements (with XPath expressions), generating XSL-FO reports and so on.

He believes in the idea to replace databases by prevalent systems like Prevayler and will integrate such a system in the framework he's working on. But a lot of work has to be done til then :-) ...