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A Resource Management System for ObjectiveSolutions (http://www.objective.com.br). The system is Client-Server architecture* running on a VPN over the Internet using RMI. The server uses Prevayler as persistence layer. The client uses Swing.

System info:
- About 800 objects created per month.
- About 25 different commands
- About 20 remote client accessing concurrently 1 server (LAN and Internet)
- Snapshot taken every 4 hours (takes less than one second)
- Snapshot size about 300 kb. 


* The server is not a traditional dumb DataServer. It is a real ObjectServer. -- KlausWuestefeld.

Is "Objective Resource Manager" a commercial product?
If so, can I get more information? If not, how to access it?
Turgay Zengin