This is a rough rendering of a page from the old Prevayler wiki. Please see the new wiki for current documentation.

Carlos Villela (also known as 'cv') is a 20-year old Java, Python and C/C++ developer, with his main contributions to Prevayler being documentation (the Tutorial, Articles, etc), some CVS/Ant/Maven help, the JXPathDemo, and a lot of questioning. Now he is one of the main mantainers of this Wiki, and is researching on:

* Java query languages in general (JXPath, Jexl, etc)
* Skaringa and XML Serialization
* WebServices (and what do they have to do with Prevayler)
* Seamlessly integrating WebWork, Velocity and Prevayler
* How to work 48 hours a week, go to college at night and saturdays and have a girlfriend, dog, iguanas and family, and still contribute to OpenSource projects in the spare time

Contact information:

* Email: carlos at stage2 dot com dot br
* Blog:
* ICQ: 6962556
* Phones: 55-11-9578-1759 / 55-11-4996-1995
* Mail: 91 Angatuba St., Zip 09210-250, Santo André, SP - Brazil