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Although MySQL is about 2.8 times faster for transaction processing, Prevayler retrieves 100 objects among one million 3251 TIMES FASTER than MySQL via JDBC, even when MySQL has all data cached in RAM!

Many people have a hard time believing that. Take a look at the ScalabilityTestResults. Examine and run the ScalabilityTest for yourself.

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Not really. Your Scalability Test Results show that SQL Server (glup!) is faster. Also on the retrieval part of the test, MySQL used a SQL query, where as Prevayler just tranversed a set of objects. Since Prevayler doesn't include a query language, that's comparing apples to oranges.

Although that would be silly, WE CAN even write a Prevayler test implementation using SQL. Your problem is that YOU CANNOT write a MySQL test implementation without using SQL. @;) --KlausWuestefeld

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The test was run by different people on different configurations. This is what gives it credibility. Therefore, it cannot be used as a comparison between MySQL, SQLServer and ORACLE, though. If you have different results, you are free to post them here. --KlausWuestefeld.

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