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Uses of Monitor in org.prevayler

Methods in org.prevayler with parameters of type Monitor
 void PrevaylerFactory.configureMonitor(Monitor monitor)
          Assigns a monitor object to receive notifications from Prevayler.

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Constructors in with parameters of type Monitor
DurableInputStream(File file, Monitor monitor)

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Classes in that implement Monitor
 class Log4jMonitor
          A Monitor that logs output using Log4j.
 class LoggingMonitor
          Abstract Monitor for Logging implementation monitors to extend.
 class NullMonitor
          A Null Monitor, that does no logging at all.
 class SimpleMonitor
          A Monitor that logs output to a PrintStream (System.out by default).

Uses of Monitor in org.prevayler.implementation.journal

Constructors in org.prevayler.implementation.journal with parameters of type Monitor
PersistentJournal(PrevaylerDirectory directory, long journalSizeThresholdInBytes, long journalAgeThresholdInMillis, boolean journalDiskSync, String journalSuffix, Monitor monitor)

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