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WidgetWeb(TM) is a framework for creating community-shared websites similar to wikis. These are websites where content and page composition can be edited via a web browser. A powerful permission model is provided to restrict which community members are allowed to perform these edits.

WidgetWeb(TM) is built on a simple premise: components comprise a web page and components can be nested to create more complicated effects. This provides for easy browser-based editing. Additionally, the powerful permission model allows the site administrator to let the community edit the content and the page layout. This is called community-shared editing (such as employees of a company, members of your family, etc.).

Why Prevayler:
I originally had WidgetWeb using HSQLDB and then later switched to MySQL. As of about two months ago, I switched to Prevayler. So, why Prevayler? Because it was fast! Later I learned that there are other reasons for using Prevayler - besides blazing speed.