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Packages that use Clock

Uses of Clock in org.prevayler

Methods in org.prevayler that return Clock
 Clock Prevayler.clock()
          Returns the Clock used to determine the execution time of all Transaction and Queries executed using this Prevayler.

Methods in org.prevayler with parameters of type Clock
 void PrevaylerFactory.configureClock(Clock clock)
          Configures the Clock that will be used by the created Prevayler.

Uses of Clock in org.prevayler.implementation

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation that return Clock
 Clock PrevaylerImpl.clock()

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation with parameters of type Clock
<R> R
PrevalentSystemGuard.executeQuery(Query<? super P,R> sensitiveQuery, Clock clock)

Uses of Clock in org.prevayler.implementation.clock

Classes in org.prevayler.implementation.clock that implement Clock
 class BrokenClock
          A deterministic Clock that always returns the same time until it is forced to advance.
 class MachineClock
          A Clock that uses the local machine clock (System.currentTimeMillis()) as its time source.
 class PausableClock

Constructors in org.prevayler.implementation.clock with parameters of type Clock
PausableClock(Clock realClock)

Uses of Clock in org.prevayler.implementation.publishing

Fields in org.prevayler.implementation.publishing declared as Clock
protected  Clock AbstractPublisher._clock

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation.publishing that return Clock
 Clock TransactionPublisher.clock()
          Returns a Clock which is consistent with the Transaction publishing time.
 Clock AbstractPublisher.clock()

Constructors in org.prevayler.implementation.publishing with parameters of type Clock
AbstractPublisher(Clock clock)
CentralPublisher(Clock clock, Journal journal)

Uses of Clock in org.prevayler.implementation.replication

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation.replication that return Clock
 Clock ClientPublisher.clock()

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