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Uses of Serializer in org.prevayler

Methods in org.prevayler with parameters of type Serializer
 void PrevaylerFactory.configureJournalSerializer(String suffix, Serializer serializer)
          Configures the transaction journal Serializer to be used by the Prevayler created by this factory.
 void PrevaylerFactory.configureSnapshotSerializer(String suffix, Serializer serializer)
          Configure a serialization strategy for snapshots.

Uses of Serializer in

Methods in with parameters of type Serializer
static Object DeepCopier.deepCopy(Object original, Serializer serializer)
          Produce a deep copy of the given object.
static Object DeepCopier.deepCopyParallel(Object original, Serializer serializer)
          Produce a deep copy of the given object.

Uses of Serializer in

Classes in that implement Serializer
 class DESSerializer
 class GZIPSerializer
 class JavaSerializer
          Writes and reads objects using Java serialization.
 class XStreamSerializer
          Writes and reads objects using XML.

Constructors in with parameters of type Serializer
DESSerializer(Serializer delegate, byte[] key)
GZIPSerializer(Serializer delegate)
GZIPSerializer(Serializer delegate, int gzipBufferSize)

Uses of Serializer in org.prevayler.implementation

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation with parameters of type Serializer
 PrevalentSystemGuard<P> PrevalentSystemGuard.deepCopy(long systemVersion, Serializer snapshotSerializer)
 Object Capsule.deserialize(Serializer journalSerializer)
          Deserializes the contained Transaction or TransactionWithQuery.
 void Capsule.executeOn(Object prevalentSystem, Date executionTime, Serializer journalSerializer)
          Executes a freshly deserialized copy of the transaction by default.

Constructors in org.prevayler.implementation with parameters of type Serializer
Capsule(Object transaction, Serializer journalSerializer, boolean transactionDeepCopyMode)
PrevalentSystemGuard(P prevalentSystem, long systemVersion, Serializer journalSerializer)
PrevaylerImpl(GenericSnapshotManager<P> snapshotManager, TransactionPublisher transactionPublisher, Serializer journalSerializer, boolean transactionDeepCopyMode)
          Creates a new Prevayler

Uses of Serializer in org.prevayler.implementation.snapshot

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation.snapshot that return Serializer
 Serializer GenericSnapshotManager.primarySerializer()

Constructors in org.prevayler.implementation.snapshot with parameters of type Serializer
GenericSnapshotManager(Map snapshotSerializers, String primarySnapshotSuffix, P newPrevalentSystem, PrevaylerDirectory directory, Serializer journalSerializer)

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