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Presto - The Prevayler Pet Store @8)

Demo pet store implementations are commonly used to compare simplicity and performance of enterprise architectures such as J2EE and .NET.

Welcome to the simplest and by far the fastest pet store implementation to be.

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Interested in contributing? Leave a comment below.

Thanks, the PrestoTeam.

I'd like to contribute with a .NET version using Bamboo.Prevalence. It would very interesting if both implementations, the prevayler based and the bamboo based shared a similar architecture showing off best practices for prevalence based web application development. What do you think?

Wouldn't you like to coordinate both versions? --KlausWuestefeld

A discussion about these implementations can be found here:

Jacob Kjome

I've just done a port of Presto/JSP to Bamboo/ASP.NET. It took me 2 hours to port it over from Java (I removed the Locale features, but that was it). Once Rodrigo has a look over it, it will be available within the Bamboo.Prevalence CVS tree.

As far as best-practises for prevalence based systems, I think that is a fantastic idea.
woops, forgot to add my name, damn wiki. :) - Sean Malloy