This is a rough rendering of a page from the old Prevayler wiki. Please see the new wiki for current documentation.

The people who work or have worked directly with me, helping Prevayler and the adoption of prevalence in general. @:) --KlausWuestefeld

Name (alphabetical order) | Main Contributions
AlexandreNodari | Code
BiraNeto | WikiCode
CarlosVillela | Wiki Editor, Docs, JXPathDemo, CVS
DanielSantos | ScalabilityTest Coordination
EduardoAkatsu | ScalabilityTest run
EduardoSimioni | ScalabilityTest run
HewlettPackardPortoAlegreTeam | Serialization Load Tests
HumbertoSoares | Code
HristoStoyanov | CVS
JacobKjome | Ant builds
JohanStuyts | Rollbacks w/ Memento Contrib
JonTirsen | Code, Tests
JulioCésarDoNascimento | Code
KentBeck | Florypa
MailingLists | Ideas, Feedback, Support
MatíasRodriguez | Serialization Spikes   
McclainLooney | Ant builds
ObjectiveSolutions | Wiki Hosting
OtavioSalvador | Prevayler package for DebianGNULinux
PauloPeccin | Code
PrestoTeam | Coolness
PrevaylerPioneers @:o | Feedback
RamonTramontini | Code
RobMee | Florypa
RodrigoOliveira | Bamboo
ScotDoyle | Code, Tests
StefanOrtmanns | JDBC ScalabilityTest
WardCunningham |
WilsonSantos | Web Design

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