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Packages that use Query

Uses of Query in org.prevayler

Methods in org.prevayler with parameters of type Query
<R> R
Prevayler.execute(Query<? super P,R> sensitiveQuery)
          Executes the given sensitiveQuery on the prevalentSystem().

Uses of Query in org.prevayler.contrib.facade

Classes in org.prevayler.contrib.facade that implement Query
 class ProxyQuery
          Proxy representation of a Prevayler Query

Uses of Query in org.prevayler.implementation

Classes in org.prevayler.implementation that implement Query
 class NullQuery

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation with parameters of type Query
<R> R
PrevaylerImpl.execute(Query<? super P,R> sensitiveQuery)
<R> R
PrevalentSystemGuard.executeQuery(Query<? super P,R> sensitiveQuery, Clock clock)

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