Package org.prevayler.contrib.facade

Interface Summary
TransactionHint A TransactionHint contains hints of other things to do inside the transaction.
TransactionType.Determiner An interface describing a strategy for choosing a TransactionType for a given method.

Class Summary
MethodInfo A Serializable representation of a Method.
MethodNameTransactionTypeDeterminer This transaction type determiner uses a combination of heuristics to determine the proper transaction type (in the exact order given below): Methods returning void will be of type TransactionType.TRANSACTION unless the method name contains the word "[t|T]ransient", in which case it will be of type TransactionType.NOOP (see #3 for description) Methods starting with (or matching) the prefixes "fetch", "find", "get", and "retrieve" will be of type TransactionType.QUERY Methods that fall through check #2, and are all-lowercase, will be of type TransactionType.NOOP.
PrevaylerTransactionsFacade The main class to create transaction facades.
ProxyQuery Proxy representation of a Prevayler Query
ProxyTransaction Proxy representation of a Prevayler Transaction
ProxyTransactionWithQuery Proxy representation of a Prevayler TransactionWithQuery
TransactionType A "smart" enumerated type enumerating the three kinds of transactions that Prevayler supports plus one that is, effectively, "no transaction".

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