Uses of Interface

Packages that use Transaction

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler

Methods in org.prevayler with parameters of type Transaction
 void Prevayler.execute(Transaction<? super P> transaction)
          Executes the given Transaction on the prevalentSystem().

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler.baptism

Classes in org.prevayler.baptism that implement Transaction
 class BadTransaction
          Simple transaction that demonstrates how to fall into the baptism problem.
 class GoodTransaction
          Simple transaction that demonstrates how to avoid the baptism problem.

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler.contrib.facade

Classes in org.prevayler.contrib.facade that implement Transaction
 class ProxyTransaction
          Proxy representation of a Prevayler Transaction

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler.demos.jxpath.commands

Classes in org.prevayler.demos.jxpath.commands that implement Transaction
 class AddProject
          Adds a Project to the system.
 class AddTask

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler.implementation

Classes in org.prevayler.implementation that implement Transaction
 class AppendTransaction
 class NondeterministicErrorTransaction

Methods in org.prevayler.implementation with parameters of type Transaction
 void PrevaylerImpl.execute(Transaction<? super P> transaction)

Uses of Transaction in org.prevayler.tutorial

Classes in org.prevayler.tutorial that implement Transaction
 class RemoveTask

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