Class MethodNameTransactionTypeDeterminer

  extended by org.prevayler.contrib.facade.MethodNameTransactionTypeDeterminer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class MethodNameTransactionTypeDeterminer
extends Object
implements TransactionType.Determiner

This transaction type determiner uses a combination of heuristics to determine the proper transaction type (in the exact order given below):

  1. Methods returning void will be of type TransactionType.TRANSACTION unless the method name contains the word "[t|T]ransient", in which case it will be of type TransactionType.NOOP (see #3 for description)
  2. Methods starting with (or matching) the prefixes "fetch", "find", "get", and "retrieve" will be of type TransactionType.QUERY
  3. Methods that fall through check #2, and are all-lowercase, will be of type TransactionType.NOOP. This means Prevayler will not be invoked at all, which is useful for cases where a method on the interface such as "root()" provides unsynchronized access to the prevalent system for use by external query mechanisms. It also avoids double transactions if a transactional method calls the system access method.
  4. Methods that fall through check #3 will be of type TransactionType.TRANSACTION_WITH_QUERY

Jay Sachs [], Jacob Kjome []

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 TransactionType determineTransactionType(Method p_method)
          Given a Method, determine the appropriate TransactionType to be used in implemented a Prevayler for that method.
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Constructor Detail


public MethodNameTransactionTypeDeterminer()
Method Detail


public TransactionType determineTransactionType(Method p_method)
Description copied from interface: TransactionType.Determiner
Given a Method, determine the appropriate TransactionType to be used in implemented a Prevayler for that method.

Specified by:
determineTransactionType in interface TransactionType.Determiner
p_method - the Method in question
the TransactionType appropriate for that method.

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